Disconnection and Reconnection

 If the gas bill is unpaid for more than 120 days from the said bill date, CUGL will disconnect the PNG connection without any prior notice. In the event of discontinuation of gas supply by the CUGL for the reasons of non-payment of gas bills, the restoration of the gas supply in such case shall only be considered, provided
(a) All outstanding bills including interest as applicable have been cleared.(b) Consumer has paid the reconnection charge of Rs. 100.00 per connection.


In the event, a consumer wishes not to avail the PNG for a minimum duration of two months, he shall be required to give 10 days of prior notice for temporary disconnection to CUGL and clear all the dues to CUGL. A consumer under temporary disconnection shall not be required to pay any charge during the period of temporary disconnection, and shall be liable to pay Rs. 100 as reconnection charges. However, in case of failure in giving the notice as above, the consumer shall be liable to pay the minimum charges for the entire period of non-availing of the PNG.