CNG kit pictures

Components of CNG kit

The major parts of a CNG retrofit kit are illustrated below:

The Product

The CNG conversion kit consists of several parts, which need to be built in the car. Below, a table illustrates the most important parts which will be installed.


The regulator is the "heart" of the CNG kit; it reduces the pressure, and supplies the CNG to the engine.


Switch and fuel gauge in one - with this little device, the driver can chose between driving with Petrol or CNG. A small, integrated LED fuel gauge indicates how much CNG is left in the gas cylinder.

Timing Advance Processor:

Due to the fact that natural gas has different thermodynamic properties, the timing must be modified in order to adapt it to the new fuel.

Inner Filling valve:

The gas is pumped through this valve to reach the engine.

Petrol Solenoid Valve:

The Petrol Solenoid Valve is one of the few parts which need to be installed additionally, if you have a carburetor car.

Gas Cylinder:

The CNG is stored in the gas cylinder under 200 bar pressure. In this example, two gas cylinders are installed. It is absolutely no problem to install more than one cylinder. Doing that increases the mileage before the car needs to be refilled.